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Welcome to the Mastin Law Firm

The law today is very complex and the lack of familiarity or knowledge on how to protect and exercise your rights may lead to catastrophic consequences that were never anticipated and may seem unfair or unreasonable.  While retaining a lawyer is not required in any legal matter or concern, representing oneself is somewhat akin to engaging in target practice blindfolded.  That is not only because the law is very complicated but it’s always subject to change. Experienced legal representation can be expensive but it is generally far less so than rolling the dice with your money, family, freedom or rights. 

Suing or seeking court intervention/involvement in your affairs may not always be the best course action.  Hence, if the first thing brought up when seeking legal advice is money, run.  There needs to be an assessment of the facts, understanding of the law and a discussion about the desired objectives before anyone can really plot out possible strategies etc. 

At the MASTIN LAW FIRM we want to spend the time up front getting to know you and understanding your unique legal needs.  It is only after a comprehensive assessment is made and an action plan formed – that can we exercise our judgment such that we can properly advise you of a recommended course of action. We have seasoned attorneys in many areas of practice.  Come in for a free 30 minute consultation to see if we may be of service to you. 

Be advised nothing stated on this website should be construed to be legal advice from the firm or in any way establishes an attorney - client relationship.  This web site is for information purposes only as to the type of services we offer.

 We have a team of very experienced attorneys working in numerous disciplines including but not limited to:
• Personal Injury/ Wrongful Death/ Product/ Premise Liability/Medical Malpractice
• Family Law matters including Divorce/ Modifications, Paternity, Annulment, Legal Separation
• Immigration - Removal proceedings, Consular Processing, Asylum, Waivers, Employment Based Visas, U Visas, Remove Conditions on 2 Year Green Card, Immigrant and Non Immigrant Visas, Naturalization, Green Card Renewal, DACA
• Criminal -  Felonies – Misdemeanors - Drug crimes, DUI, Robbery, Burglary, Manslaughter,   Murder, Crimes Involving Violence and/or Theft of any sort, Gang Related, Identity Theft, Fraud, Domestic Violence, Probation Violation and Expungement
• Civil Litigation Including: Business Disputes, Real Estate Disputes, Matters Involving Unfair Business Practices, Fraud and Breach of Fiduciary Duties, Trade Secrets
• Discrimination/Sexual Harassment/Wrongful Termination
• Estate Planning and Probate matters
• Administrative Hearings Involving Federal and State Government Agencies
• Assist in Overview and Creation of Contracts, Leases, Partnership Agreements, Formation of Corporations and LLCs, Dissolution of Entities.